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The Flock Keepers trains individuals and organizations around the world using varieties of in-house materials, some of which include books written and published by our Director. Watch this space for the release of different books.

By David Ayo Akerele

The Hunters and the Flock Keepers

This book starts out with the story of the struggles, choices, decisions, tensions, successes and failures that confronted a Middle Eastern family of four people. It leverages on the gaps in their leadership practices to carve out fifteen novel and profound leadership principles for individuals, businesses and nations.

Through a carefully studied and researched endemic styles of leadership in Africa and around the world, this book uncovers two new categories of leaders across the globe; “The Hunters” and the “Flock Keepers”. Using these two analogies of leadership practices, it critically discusses the successes and failures of forty one African leaders in nations like Nigeria, Rwanda & South Africa to uncover the leadership gaps in predominant African settings, offering the “flock keepers” model as the only remedy for raising and sustaining new generations of transformational leaders in Africa.

This book is a library of history. It is a compendium of knowledge. Ultimately, it’s a lifelong strategic resource in the hands of students, academics, professionals, politicians and all stakeholders involved in leadership development and nation building at any level.